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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Syncfusion Dashboard Cloud count users?

A user is a named account with a unique email address that is used to log into the dashboard system.

The two most important aspects of the Dashboard Cloud license structure are (1) each user who accesses or views any dashboard must be licensed and (2) licenses are non-transferable named-user licenses. This means that each license must be assigned to a specific named user and that users cannot transfer or share licenses.

For example, if John Doe and Jane Smith are both using the Dashboard Cloud, they must each have their own licenses. Also, if they want to add a third user to their team, they cannot share a license or transfer a license to the new user. The new user has to obtain his/her own license.

Can I change plans at any time?


Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription online at any time.

Does Syncfusion require a 1 year (or longer) contract?

No. You can cancel your contract at any time.

Are there limits to the number of dashboards?


Are there limits to the number of users?

The plans available online allow up to 100 users. However, the platform itself can accommodate hundreds of thousands of users. Please contact us if you would like to purchase a plan for over 100 users.

We have a huge number of users. Do you offer flat pricing?

Yes. Please contact us to learn how you can cover everyone in your organization for one low annual fee.

How does Syncfusion estimate storage for the Dashboard Cloud?

Data from any data source—like CSV, text, or Excel files—and data sources connected via the web will be pulled into our secure Dashboard Cloud site database. The resulting storage will be counted towards the plan quota. Please note that data stored in external systems and not pulled into the Dashboard Cloud is not counted to your storage quota.

Can I brand my dashboard site with my own logo?

Yes. You can rebrand your dashboard site with your own logo and name.

Can I use a custom domain name?

Yes. Please create a support ticket and we will assist you.

Can I add more than 5 users during the free trial period?

Yes. You can add any number of users during the free trial period. You can add up to 100 users online; if you need to add more than 100 users, please contact us.

Is technical support included in my subscription?

Yes. Technical support is included in the subscription.

What is Concierge Support?

Syncfusion offers all-encompassing support that can help you build your dashboards.

Additionally, if you would prefer not to build your own dashboards, Syncfusion will do so, free of charge, through the Dashboard Concierge service. With this service, which is included in customer subscriptions, Syncfusion builds custom dashboards for customers for no additional fee. Just send us the relevant details, and we will do the heavy lifting for you. Syncfusion offers this service to all our customers and evaluators.

How much does concierge support cost?

There are no charges for concierge support. Every subscription level includes this service for free.

Are Syncfusion dashboards available on-premises?

Yes. You have the option to download our on-premises installer and run the dashboard application on your own servers. Click here for more details.

Still have questions? Contact Us

For sales inquires, please contact: sales@syncfusion.com , or call us at 1-888-9DOTNET