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On top of the analytics, everyone needs a way to collaborate over the data to make better decisions. Understanding its importance, Syncfusion Dashboards comes up with the ability to have discussions over the data in the dashboard. You can collaborate in the dashboards when you find a change in the data or want to mention another user to keep track of the data. If you are new to Syncfusion Dashboards, register a site.

Collaboration in Syncfusion Dashboards effectively reduces your work in alerting every person via email for each discussion. It holds your comments and replies in the dashboard itself.

Start Collaborating

You can start commenting on the whole dashboard or on any widget inside the dashboard. Each comment is considered as a new discussion. Replies are added to the same discussion to keep track of them.

To begin, select the comment icon at the top-right corner of the dashboard or the widget.

Comments in the dashboard
Comments in the dashboard

The commenting panel expands.  Now, start your discussion by posting a comment in the given text box.

Comments panel in the dashboard
Comments panel in the dashboard

Markdown Formatted

In addition to plain text messaging, you can also post formatted text messages using the Markdown syntax. Also add images, links, lists and quoted contents as part of comments on the dashboard.

Markdown formatted comment window
Comment window with Markdown format

User Mentions

You can mention any user in the comments by entering “@” following their name. The following image showcases how a user can mention other users while commenting.

User Mention
Comment window with user mention support

Doing so will notify the corresponding users through email about the comment made.

Comment with user mention
Comment panel showing comment text with user mention

User Mentions will only suggest the users and groups list who have access to the dashboard. Above all, only the System Administrator(s) or the dashboard owners can share the dashboards with other users.

You can find more information here on how to share dashboards.


Commenting and replying will not complete a proper collaboration without notifications. Syncfusion Dashboards notifies the people involved in the dashboard and mentioned users for every comment. Notifications are sent through emails with the comment detail, the user posted and the URL to the dashboard/widget commented.

Dashboard application also lets you read the pending notifications. For this, select the notification icon at its top right corner. This opens the notification window with the list of notifications. They are also represented using a red dot as shown below.

Notification indicator
Notification indicator
Notification panel
Notification panel

You can also configure for which dashboard you want to get notified. Follow this page to configure notifications.

Hence, we hope this blog article helps you understand the user collaboration possible with Syncfusion Dashboards. Well, this is not final. We still have many improvements on the way to come like real-time notifications, push notifications in mobile. This adds more convenience to you to collaborate on your dashboards and take better decisions quickly. Many companies are realizing the value of collaboration and looking for ways to encourage it within their teams. Dashboard collaboration helps its users turn into productive decision makers. For any questions or clarifications, please post us through the comments section available below. You can also contact us by submitting your queries here. Collaborate with ease!


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