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Assigning the Data

Now that I have moved the widget to my dashboard, I can assign data to it and customize its appearance. Resizing the widget is a good first step. Simply grab the edge of the box and drag it until it is the size you would like.


When you are ready to assign data to the widget, select it; then, click the “Properties” icon in the upper right corner of the widget.

chart view displays the visualization of the assigned data source to the column chart


Two tabs will appear: “Properties” and “Assign Data.” I want my widget to display the top goal scorers from the World Cup, so under the “Properties” tab, I am going to change the name of my widget from the default “Chart1” to “Top Goal Scorers.”

option to rename properties tab from the default Chart1 to Top Goal Scorers using the settings menu


For my purposes, a single title is sufficient, but you can add a subtitle and even a description of the widget if you like.


Then, I will click the “Assign Data” tab. You can drag different pieces of data to different parts of the widget (in this case, its columns) to display the statistics that interest you. I would like my column chart to display the top goal scorers, so I need to figure out how to make my widget show that information.


First, I will drag the “PlayerName” field to the “Columns” box. This ensures that each column will represent a player name.

option to drag and set the PlayerName field to the Columns into the Assign Data tab of the settings menu


Next, I will drag the “Goals” field to the “Values” box. This ensures that the value being displayed is the number of goals scored by each player.


My widget was created successfully, but as you can see, it is a bit unwieldy and difficult to read because it contains so much information. It would be helpful if I narrowed down the data that I would like to display.

option to drag and set the Goals field to the Values into the Assign Data tab of the settings menu


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