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Assigning Data

First, I will drag the widget from the “Proportion” section of the widget menu to my dashboard. Then, I am going to resize it by dragging its edges so that it will be easy to read. This is what my pyramid widget looks like before I have assigned data to it.

chart view displays the visualization of the assigned data source to the pyramid widget


Next, I will click the “Settings” button in the upper right corner of the widget and navigate to the “Properties” tab to rename my widget. I want my pyramid to display each player’s number of attempts on target, so I will call the widget “Most Attempts on Target.”

option to rename properties tab to Most Attempts on Target using the settings menu


Now, I am ready to assign data to my widget. After clicking the “Assign Data” tab, I will drag the “Attempts On Target” field to the “Values” box. I want to see the data for individual players (rather than teams), so I will drag the “PlayerName” field to the “Columns” box.


option to drag and set the Attempts On Target field to the Values into the Assign Data tab of the settings menu

option to drag and set the PlayerName field to the Columns into the Assign Data tab of the settings menu


My widget has been created, but given the sheer amount of information it displays, it is clear that I need to filter my data to make the widget easier to read.

dashboard view shows the pyramid of filtered data




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