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Assigning Data

In this widget, I would like to be able to see the total number of goals scored by teams compared to the total number of shots they took. In order to make my widget easy to read, I am going to display the information of only the top six goal-scoring teams.

chart view displays the visualization of the assigned data source to the stacked bar chart


First, I need to drag the stacked bar widget from the “Comparison” section of the widget menu onto my dashboard. I am going to resize it by dragging its edges so that it will be easy to read. This is what my stacked bar widget looks like before I have assigned data to it.


Now that I have moved the widget to my dashboard, I can assign data to it and customize its appearance. First, I will click the “Properties” icon in the upper right corner of the widget.

option to rename properties tab to Goals and Shots by Team using the settings menu

Next, I will click the “Properties” tab and rename the widget “Goals and Shots by Team.”


Finally, I will click the “Assign Data” tab. I know that I want my data to be organized according to the different teams that played in the World Cup, so I am going to drag the “TeamName” field over to the “Columns” box.

option to drag and set the TeamName field to the Columns into the Assign Data tab of the settings menu


I also know that there are two pieces of data I want to compare: the number of goals each team scored and the number of shots they took. To achieve this, I need to drag those two fields to the “Values” box.

option to drag and set the Goals and Shots fields to the Values into the Assign Data tab of the settings menu


My widget has now been created, but I am going to customize it further.


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