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Assigning Data

First, I need to drag the area widget from the “Distribution” section of the widget menu onto my dashboard. Then, I am going to resize it by dragging its edges so that it will be easy to read. This is what my area widget looks like before I have assigned data to it.


chart view displays the visualization of the assigned data source to the area chart widget


Next, I am going to click the “Settings” button in the upper right corner of the widget. I would like my area chart to display the maximum temperature for each day of August 2018, so I am going to rename my widget accordingly. To do this, I will click the “Properties” tab and type in my area chart’s new name.


option to rename properties tab to August 2018 Max Temps using the settings menu

Now, I am ready to assign data to my widget. After clicking the “Assign Data” tab, I will drag the “Max Temp” field to the “Values” box and the “Date” field to the “Columns” box.

option to drag and set the Max Temp field to the Values into the Assign Data tab of the settings menu

option to drag and set the Date field to the Columns into the Assign Data tab of the settings menu

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